Does bird dropping cause ringworm?

Ringworm, as many people would believe is not caused due to worms but is as a result of a fungus which appears on the surface of the skin. The other name for it is Tinea and both humans and animals are prone to being infected by ringworms. It usually appears in the shape of a circle with the affected area being reddish to brownish and is an itchy rash. Ringworms are caused due to dermatophytes which are microscopic organisms that reside on the dead outer layer of the skin or can inhabit in hair or nails that grow from the skin. Ringworms are caused as a result of fungus that grows and multiplies on your skin and this condition is aggravated if you are staying in a climate that is warm or humid. Ringworm is infectious; therefore, getting in touch with other people or animals that have been infected by ringworms is another cause for your condition. Even having a weakened immune system could lead to the being infected by the same. If a bird has been infected with ringworm there is a possibility that the bird droppings carry the infection and it is likely to be passed on to other animals that consume the scat. Also, inhaling dust from dried bird droppings of infected birds can cause ringworms.

Raw papaya is supposed to be very effective to treat ringworms, where you just apply small slices of the fruit on the affected area. You can also apply a paste of mustard seeds on the affected area. Applying coconut oil on the affected area helps to soften the skin and reduces itchiness. Whatever you do or apply, make sure you do not rub the affected area. If you’re applying something on to it, dab it or just place it over the area. If you rub the affected area, you will end up worsening the condition. Maintain personal hygiene and pat yourself dry, especially the areas in between your groin and toes, as moisture accentuates the breeding of this fungus. If you have pets at home ensure that they do not have ringworms. It is advised that you get your pet checked with a veterinarian for ringworms. Change your vacuum cleaner bag every time you use it to avoid the infection to spread. Clean your yard regularly especially in case of poops of other animals. However, if there is no improvement in the condition for a long time it is best you consult a doctor.

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