If ringworm is a fungus, why wouldn't oil of oregano be used as a remedy?

Ringworm is a fungal infection, resulting in round or oval patches, which are red in color. Delay in treatment results in spread of infection. Direct touch results in transmission of infection. Oil of oregano is of course used for ringworm treatment. Chemical components in oregano oil inhibit the growth and development of fungi and other microbial organisms. I shall list down a few more home remedies that are easy to follow:

Tea tree oil is also used for ringworm infestation. It is undiluted. It is added to carrier oil, in people who are sensitive.

Avoid usage of articles used by an infected person, such as towels. Plenty of water consumption helps.
Exercises, such as walking is useful.

Bathing twice a day is effective in keeping infection at bay.
Sunbath is useful for individuals suffering from ringworm infection. Coconut oil is helpful in getting rid of ringworm infection.

Yoga and meditation are also effective.
Juice of cassia leaves is also effective in ringworm infection. Topical application of the juice of holy basil leaves is an excellent remedy. For further information on effective for ringworm infection

answered by Dr C

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