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What is ringworm in humans?

A ringworm infection is a fungal infection that is transmitted through close contact, and it affects the skin of the infected person. This condition is caused by dermatophytes, which are naturally occurring fungi. Dermatophytes sustain themselves on the topmost layer of the skin. It is impossible for these microorganisms to sustain themselves in the mucosal lining of the body, and therefore,they do not try to venture into the breaks and the cracks in the skin. On the upper layers of the skin, where they thrive, they cause infection, especially in areas where the climate is warm and humid.

Ringworm in humans spreads from one person to another. Direct contact from one person to another can cause the transmission of ringworm. A person who has a weakened immune system is most likely to suffer from this condition. For people who are suffering from long term diseases such as AIDS, leukemia and diabetes, the risk of getting ringworm are particularly high.The infection occurs in the form of a ring-shaped patch on the skin. It is because of the appearance of this infection that the ringworm is thus known. Often this ring shaped infection is also slightly raised from the rest of the skin. Some people may develop the infection in their fingernails, thus causing them to become discolored and thick.


One of the major ringworm in human causes is direct transmission through close contact. Low hygiene is another cause of transmission. Indirect transmission occurs when the infected person scratches the affected areas. Once the fingers and hands of the infected person are infected, the fungus can be easily passed on to others. A lot of times sharing of combs and other articles of personal use can also cause the spread of ringworm in humans. Ringworm is usually extremely contagious, and therefore, it is important to treat it immediately to prevent the spread of the infection. Since ringworm infection is caused by a fungal strain, the term 'ringworm' is actually a misnomer. The fungus grows well in moist or damp areas and can be found near swimming pools and locker rooms. Mostly, the infection occurs in the folds of the skin because this is the region that is warm as well as moist.


The infection almost always causes an itchy rash on the skin. The pattern is usually in the shape of a ring, but this may not always be the case. Sometimes the ringworm infection may simply manifest as an itchy and red colored rash. Apart from these, when it comes to ringworm in humans, symptoms may include uncontrollable itching and burning sensation in the rash.


Usually the appearance of the ring-like infection on the skin is enough to offer insight into the kind of infection. A ring-like infected appearance on the skin is almost always indicative of a ringworm infection. Doctors may take a sample of the skin rash and observe it under a microscope to be sure of exactly what the rash entails. The ringworm fungus can be easily identified under a microscope, and it is always a good idea to get a skin test done before getting the treatment.


Treatment for ringworm in humans is usually performed with home remedies. If you have a round rash on your skin, which is extremely itchy, you can treat it with home creams or other medicated anti-fungal creams that can be obtained as over the counter drugs. If you have taken the cream as a prescription, it is important to keep using it till the doctor advises. If you do not use the medications as prescribed, the infection may keep coming back. If your OTC creams are not working, you can ask for other medications that help in killing the fungus for good. If you do not want to use OTC medication and are wondering how to treat ringworm in humans at home, there are plenty of home remedies for ringworm in humans.

An excellent cure for ringworm in humans involves the use of papaya. Rub raw papaya on the affected skin area. You can also make a paste from the seeds of the papaya as well as the flesh of the fruit. This paste should help treat the fungal infection naturally. For treating ringworm in humans, mustard seeds can be used. Treatment of ringworm in humans can be expedited by applying a paste of mustard seeds and warm water to the affected area. Once you have applied the paste, allow it to dry for at least half an hour before washing it off. The juice of basil leaves is also one of the best ringworm cures for humans. Turmeric and tea tree oil are some of the other home remedies for ringworm. These home remedies for ringworm treatmentare usually very effective.Ringworm in humans affect the scalp,it can be treated using a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with some carrier oil. If you ignore the ringworm infection on your skin, your skin may begin to blister and crack. The cracks may also become infected with other bacteria and microorganisms, thus complicating your condition even more.

Other than using all these home remedies, it is also important to keep in mind that saving yourself from getting a fungal infection is much better than trying to find treatments and remedies for it. If possible, try and avoid all the instances and habits that could cause the spread of infection. In the case of ringworms in humans, prevention is definitely better than cure. To prevent ringworm infections, avoid sharing clothing with each other, especially towels, sports gear, and other personal clothing items. Wash your clothes in anti-fungal soaps. In public bathing areas, try not to touch a lot of things. Also, always wear slippers or sandals when in a public bathing place. After any close skin to skin contact, shower and wash your hair as well. Always wear loose cotton clothing that helps keep your skin dry. Before you slip into your clothes after a bath, dry yourself well, saving your feet for the last. Remember better than any cure for ringworm in humans is the prevention of such infections.

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Ringworms are a kind of fungal infection that spreads in various ways. The medical name for a ringworm infection of any kind is Tinea Corporis. Ringworms can actually attach themselves to a completely non-infected person from food, water, from another person who is infected or through sexual or other close bodily contact which involves fluid exchange. In really rare cases, ringworm is also transmitted via soil, mud and wet dirt. Ringworm can also be something that certain people are genetically more easily predisposed to, although this is relatively rare. Ringworm is the kind of fungal infection that also spreads very easily. It grows especially quickly in damp and moist areas. Ringworm may affect various parts of the human body, but primarily, it festers and thrives well in the feet, genitals and sometimes also on the trunk. It grows especially well in damp and dark environments.

The biggest help in identifying and curing ringworms is the fact that this infection shows up on the skin in the form of angry red rashes that resemble rings. This gives the infection its name. Contrary to popular belief, ringworm infection is not ring shaped at all. As a matter of fact, it is a fungus that is microscopic and cannot be seen, and it has a jellyfish shaped structure. It is not very difficult to cure ringworms, except in rare cases of people who have let the infection run so rampant that it has actually started damaging other important parts of the body such as the immune system. Typically, ringworms can easily be killed using substances that only need to be applied on the surface of the skin. While there are several creams and lotions available over the counter to take care of ringworm, you can also use some home remedies to get rid of it.

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