Black Toenail Fungus Treatment: My toenails are black in color, painful and cracking what does this mean?

The toenails are particularly susceptible to various nail infections. This is because your feet are often enclosed in closed shoes for hours on end. Closed shoes trap body heat within your shoes and also trap perspiration. This warm and damp condition is ideal for bacteria and fungus and allows them to thrive unchecked. Since your nails have become black and are cracking, it is probable that the infection has progressed. It would be wise to visit your doctor as soon as possible as you may need antibiotic medications ion order to get rid of the infection completely. you may also use a few simple home remedies in the mean time to prevent the spread of the infection. However, it is not advisable to use these remedies in an attempt to get rid of the infection as your symptoms are rather serious and your condition may not be treatable with home remedies alone.

The first step to treating a nail infection is to cleanse the entire area thoroughly. In order to do so, you will have to heat water in a large saucepan and then pour it into a small shallow tub. Dilute the water so that it is very warm but not too hot. Add two cups of apple cider vinegar to this water and soak your feet in it. This vinegar soak is slightly acidic in nature and retards the growth of the microbe causing the infection. After your feet have soaked for about 20 minutes, make a thick paste out of unrefined salt and a little water. Apply this paste to your toenails and use it as a scrub to slowly scrub your nails clean. Make sure that you do this very gently as the slightest pressure may cause your nails to crack even further. Alternately, you can use a soft brush to slowly scrub your toenails. This will help to cleanse your nails and skin of the dead cells that have become home to the bacteria or fungus. After this, rinse your feet well with warm water and then dry them with a hair dryer. This will ensure that there is no moisture trapped under your nails. Dust your feet with an anti fungal powder or with a powder made out of dried and crushed margosa leaves. Margosa leaves have antimicrobial properties and so you should use this powder at least twice a day. Use open sandals as far as possible and make sure that you dry your feet thoroughly after your shower.

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