Do any one have a good home remedy for a black toenail? I've tried vinegar and that made my toenails turn black what can I use to cure my toenail?

Brown or yellow discoloration is common. Appearance of spots, thick nails, accumulation of dirt and nail falling are common symptoms of toe nail fungus. The big toe and the small one are commonly affected. It is called medically as onchomycosis. Soak the feet in a tub of water with cider vinegar added to the same. Excessive perspiration, smoking, hereditary infection, walking barefoot, uncomfortable socks and shoes are the primary causative factors for toe nail fungus. Bacterial growth is inhibited by cleaning the nails regularly and keeping them short. Always keep your nails dry, thereby preventing infection. Discoloration of the nail, crumbling and thickening of the nail and so on are the initial symptoms of nail fungus. Pedicure and manicure calls for attention, as improperly sterilized instruments used might end up with an infection. Soaking the feet in a bowl of Listerine is useful. Dabbing cotton balls dipped in lavender and tea tree oil and applying the same helps in hastening recovery. They are antiseptic oil. A combination of tea tree oil with olive oil is used a s a topical application on the fungus. A previously answered query on tips regarding onychomycosis is available. Visit,

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