I have toenail fungus but it is painful, I have an appointment with doctor but in mean while is there a way to dull the painful throbbing?

There are a few easy remedial measures you can apply to your toenail fungus for intermittent relief. The best thing to do would be to keep your infected toenail soaked in ice cold water. This will numb your toenail to the pain and will provide relief. You can also make a pack and apply this to your infected toenail. Make an easy one at home with Fuller's Earth and rose water. You should mix these into a paste like mixture and evenly apply this to your infected toenail. This will provide relief from the intense burning sensation that sometimes accompanies a toenail fungus. Another excellent alternative known to work very well on toenail fungus is any powerful mentholated ointment that is generally used for a cold or a cough. You can use any brand of this product, and it is widely and easily available as well. All you would have to do is apply it to the infected toenail and leave it for a while. Sometimes, if your infection is not a very strong, deep set or powerful one, then you will find that this alone can actually kill it very effectively. It is preferable to leave it on all day, if you can. This will have the most positive effects of all.

Since toenail fungus is usually a recurrent problem, you can take measures to get rid of it without consulting a doctor should you ever be affected by it in the future. Try not to wear the same socks twice. Keep your toes open as much as possible. The most easy and effective cure for toenail fungus is tea tree oil. This natural oil has extremely strong anti fungal properties and can be easily bough at a pharmacist. You should dab some cotton wool in this and push thick layers of it beneath your toenails. Pay special attention to the infected ones. It is always better to do this at night, after washing and sanitizing your feet properly. This can be done by soaking your feet in warm water to which a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide have been added. Leave them in for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Use the tea tree oil after this. It is also a good idea to wear thick socks and go to bed. This will allow the oil to work all night and your problem will most likely be resolved within a week or so, if not sooner.

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