remedy for nose bleeds with tea bag

You’re quite right to attempt treating a nosebleed with tea bags. This may seem like just another home remedy that doesn’t really work, but it is quite effective and does have a sound reasoning behind its action. Black tea not only contains quercetin, believed to possess antiviral properties, but tea is also high in tannins, and this feature is said to help prevent nosebleeds. You can either consume a cup or two of strong black tea if you experience frequent nosebleeds, or simply use a wet tea bag as a poultice, applying it directly over the nose to stop the bleeding. There are other ways to treat the problem too, and at times treatment may require more than one approach, or the problem may in fact be a warning of something more serious.

Nosebleeds are quite a common occurrence, with many of us having experienced one at some point or the other. Although it is a lot more common among children it is also prevalent in adults. The lining of the nose contains tiny blood vessels that can bleed quite easily. The most common causes for nosebleeds include picking the nose roughly, dryness of the nose, blowing the nose forcefully, sneezing violently, sinusitis, allergies, and blood thinning drugs. The occasional nosebleed is no cause for panic, but frequent nosebleeds, as often as weekly, or if heavy and persistent could be indicative of something serious. In such cases medical advice is necessary.

In most cases of nosebleeds that are non-threatening, some simple natural remedies can help control and treat the condition.

  • At times the formation of a clot may keep the blood vessels in the nasal lining opening, and blowing the nose once forcefully can help to get rid of the clot.
  • Cap the side of your nose, which is bleeding, with a wet cotton swab or even with a piece of gauze, if there is no cotton handy. Leave it in for at least ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Never recline or lean your head back as this can allow the blood to run back down the throat, instead of trickling out from the nose.
  • Application of a cold compress or ice against the nose can help reduce the nosebleed, as the cold causes constriction of blood vessels, helping lessen the bleeding.
  • Avoid picking your nose.
  • Avoid taking any drugs like aspirin.
  • Air that reaches the lungs has to be humidified and this is the responsibility of the nose. In an excessively dry condition the nose has to over work. It would therefore be wise to use a humidifier, so as to ease the pressure on your nose.
  • Avoid smoking and consult a doctor if you are on any medication.

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