My son has been getting nosebleeds at night for about a week. Should he see a doctor If I am able to get them to stop bleeding? When should I worry, he's 4?

For a child so small to be facing a problem such as nosebleeds for a week is an extremely serious matter. It is absolutely important that you see the doctor without any further delay, as that could only endanger the child further. It is highly unusual for anyone to have nosebleeds for such a long period of time continuously, and it is particularly alarming if that person happens to be a child. In this case, only a doctor would be able to examine the child and diagnose the problem accurately. For general knowledge, it is good to know that nosebleeds can be caused due to a vast variety of reasons. To begin with, we can list out the simpler ones. If you reside in a place that has cold and dry climate, then the nosebleed could simply be a result of the weather conditions. Sometimes, too much of cold can actually cause enough dryness for the surface of your skin to split and cause bleeding. This kind of bleeding is usually superficial and normally quite harmless. To take care of it, all you can do is ensure that you are applying a layer of oil or cold cream inside your nostrils and keeping the skin there well lubricated so that it does not suffer from any splits or tearing. This should take care of the problem.

It is also possible that your child has been scratching his nose excessively. Children have a tendency to do this, and if they do not have adequately trimmed fingernails, this can also cause major bleeding. You would need to ask your child as well as keep an eye out for this. It is important to teach children early on that such habits are not only unhygienic, but they can also cause other related problems.

answered by G R

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