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I'm not sure which tea bag remedy you are referring to, tea bags can be used in home remedies for several problems. These include Tea Bag, cold sores, boils, puffiness under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, conjunctivitis, toothaches, and as a skin toner.

In any case, I doubt that there is any remedy that requires you to use a fresh, unused tea bag. In general, all the home remedies mentioned above can be prepared with used tea bags. There is no need to waste a fresh tea bag on your dark circles or blisters. Some people prefer to use a fresh tea bag and will also recommend that you do so too, but this is merely a matter of preference and is not a requirement. As long as the tea bag was dipped in plain water, the basic properties that you need for your treatment remain unchanged. Of course if you have brewed your tea in milk, then you may not want to use the same tea bag, as milk is not part of most of these treatments.

In all other cases however, you can save tea bags after you have used them, and refrigerate them after placing them in a box, as this will keep them longer and most of these remedies require the tea bags to be cold or at least cool.

answered by M W

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