What are the causes of bloody nose and give natural remedies for it?

Natural Healing Methods for Bleeding Nose and Causes
Nosebleeds – medically referred to as epistaxis – occurs when there is a hemorrhage in the nose and the blood decides to display itself by coming out through the nostrils. Allergies, alcohol, drugs such as aspirin, or low humidity levels, especially during winters, do lead to such a bloody nose. Usually the blood stops once it starts to clot. However, at times, you will have to ask such patients should be asked to lie still, and a cold compress should be applied to the forehead, which should be placed at a level lower than their feet. They should be asked to inhale ice cold water and refrain from blowing their nose. If this does not help, a few drops of the juice of any of the following should be dropped into the nasal passage: onions, dub grass, tender flowers of the pomegranate tree, or shelled mango seeds.

In case bleeding is very severe and the patient appears to be losing too much blood, a gauze soaked with alum and camphor in equal quantities should be dropped into the nose. Indian gooseberry should be ground in buttermilk and the paste should be put in a little boiling clarified butter. When the mixture cools, you must apply it to the forehead and the areas near the nose.

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