Gastritis treatment from olive oil

Gastritis in not a condition on its own, but a term used to describe a group of stomach conditions. An inflammation of the stomach lining is the common factor among all these related stomach ailments. The inflammation of the stomach lining is believed to be caused by certain bacteria that enter into the stomach through contaminated food or water. However, there are other factors as well that can lead to gastritis. Traumatic injury to the stomach, excessive consumption of alcohol and the excessive use of pain killers are also known to adversely affect the stomach lining, thus leading to gastritis. Gastritis can be sub-divided into two categories; acute gastritis and chronic gastritis. Acute gastritis occurs suddenly, while chronic gastritis evolves over a period of time. Most cases of gastritis are not serious and respond well to medication; however, in a few cases it could lead to the development of stomach ulcers or stomach cancer.

The stomach secrets various juices that help in breaking down food and so these juices are highly acidic in nature. Therefore the stomach has a protective layer of mucus to keep it safe from the acidic effect of these digestive juices. However, when this barrier is weakened the digestive juices inflame, and in severe cases, damage the stomach lining.

Olive oil is a very beneficial when it comes to treating gastritis and other stomach related ailments. Olive oil is a very healthy oil that is derived form the fruit of the olive tree. It contains mono saturated fats that are easily assimilated by the body. Olive oil also contains oleuropein, which is an essential compound when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system. This quality of olive oil helps in boosting the immune system, thus enabling it to get rid of the unhealthy bacteria that cause gastritis. Olive oil also possesses anti oxidant properties that help in maintaining the circulation of blood in the body. Since olive oil is rich in mono saturated fats and vitamin E, it helps in soothing the stomach lining and strengthens the stomach barriers. Mono saturated fats and vitamin E also protect the cells from free radicals, thus reducing the possibility of developing stomach ulcers and cancer. Thus olive oil is very effective when it comes to treating gastritis.

However, one cannot rely wholly on olive oil. Since gastritis is a bacteria-caused disease it is important to follow a holistic diet plan. Avoiding red meats and other foods that are rich in saturated fats is essential, as they cannot be easily digested by the body. Avoid drinking alcohol as it directly damages the stomach lining. Include freshly boiled vegetables in your diet, as these will provide your body with all the essential nutrients and minerals required by it.

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