What are the symptoms and precautions for piles?

The term piles is used to refer to a condition in which the veins around your anus are inflamed and swollen. This condition is also known as Haemorrhoids. You might be suffering from piles for a number of reasons including straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, chronic constipation, and anal intercourse. You could also get piles if you are sitting in one place for too long or if you are obese and are putting unnecessary strain on your rectal veins. Hemorrhoids are usually located internally inside the anus or externally under the skin around the anus. The symptoms of piles may include painful swelling in the anal area, bleeding, and intense pain during bowel movement. Other symptoms include severe itching and a burning sensation around the anus and the surrounding areas and difficulty in passing stool.

To cure piles, you must find the root of the problem. Treating the haemorrhoids themselves is pointless if they keep re-occurring. Hence, if the hemorrhoids are persistent, consult a doctor to correctly diagnose the cause. To prevent piles, ensure that you drink plenty of liquids because and insufficient liquid intake can cause a hard stool, or even chronic constipation, leading to haemorrhoidal irritation. Excessive consumption of dairy products can cause an excess of lactic acid in the stool which leads to rectal irritation. Ensure that your diet includes yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber cereals. You must also exercise regularly and practice better posture.

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