Reasons for lump on vagina lips

The information provided does not seem to be substantial enough to correctly ascertain the cause of the lump. For instance, one would need to know whether the lump is on the lips or the entrance of the vagina or even if it is itchy or painful. It may also help to know how long ago you noticed the lump previously, as well as if it seems more prominent at specific timelines such as the onset of a menstrual cycle or a pregnancy. The best course of action at this point would be to consult a medical professional to perform some tests to identify the underlying cause of the occurrence, as well as to find out how you could effectively treat the condition. One of the more likely possibilities is that the lump is a lipoma - or a fatty lump under the skin. One indication of this being the case is if the bump were soft and tender. Lipomas are benign tumors located just under the skin and are caused by fatty deposits. The lipomas house a number of fat cells and are rarely found in internal organs. These fatty deposits may arise at any age, but are more likely to occur during adulthood. While men will normally develop multiple lipomas all over the body, women are more likely to be prone to solitary lipomas, much like in your case. The underlying cause of the occurrence of lipomas is still unknown but it is known to be passed down from one generation to another within the same bloodline. Injury or trauma at locations of the body is also known to increase the likelihood of development of a lipoma. These lipomas are benign and do not carry the threat of cancer, however, if the lump were to grow against a nerve, it could cause a substantial amount of pain and discomfort. Very often, a lipoma on the breast may lead a woman to believe that she is suffering from breast cancer.

Advancement in modern science has seen a lot of people have these growths surgically removed for purely cosmetic reasons as they pose absolutely no health risks. Liposuction is probably the most commonly used surgical procedure where the doctor makes a small incision through the skin and into the fatty tissue before using a vacuum tube to suck out the fatty tissue in the area. This technique is especially beneficial when the lipoma is bound to any surrounding fat tissue. However, as mentioned, the amount of information is too little to make a correct diagnosis and you would be best advised to consult a doctor before you make any decisions on how to treat the lump.

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