My friend's hair is in a huge knot which is tangled and twisted like a dread lock how can we get it out without cutting it?

There are many ways to untangle a knot in the hair. Here are a few.

Did you know that Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to smooth out the tangles. Just take a couple tablespoons of the vinegar or a couple cups of water and create a hair rinse. Then pour the mixture in your hair. The acidic nature of the vinegar balances the potential hydrogen levels in your hair which act as a hair softener. This remedy can then loosen the hair.

You can rub olive oil in your hair, the oil softens the hair and makes it slippery. Next run a comb through the hair that has width teeth. This should loosen the knots in the hair. You can even use raw olive for this treatment if no oil is available. YOu can also use corn oil to accomplish the same task.

We all know that peanut butter is a good remedy to get gum out of hair. However it also can be used to get stubborns matts and knots out of your hair. However when you are done, rinse your hair out thoroughly to avoid smelling like a BBJ sandwich.

How about using lemon juice in your hair? Create a hair tonic by mixing less than three teaspoons of lemon juice and a couple cups of clean water. Again by changing the acidity of the hair, this mixture detangles the knots.

Trusty coconut oil can also be used to remedy this frustrating problem. The oil penetrates the tangles in the hair. Leave the oil in the hair a couple hours if the hair does not detangle quickly. The oil makes the hair softer with time. Don't forget to wash the hair out when finished.

When your hair are matted or tangled into dreadlocks, it is important to understand that putting a comb or a brush through your hair can cause it to get brittle or even break. If you are not too keen on seeing your hair get destroyed, it is best to know how to untangle hair in other ways. To untangle knots in hair, you can apply some oil, conditioner or moisturizer on your fingers and run these through your hair. This will help you deal with the tangles in your hair. Use only your fingers to untangle the snarls in your hair. Start from the ends of the hair and work your way towards the scalp.

You can wet your hair and then use your fingers to untangle the snarls from your hair. This can be a little painful and you would break a few hairs, but nothing could prevent that from occurring any way. Wet hair that has been conditioned and/or moisturized is easier to untangle than dry hair. Another tangled hair solution is the use of untangling solutions that are available as cosmetic preparations. Wetting the hair and applying conditioner on it can also help soften it up. You can also use leave in conditioners in your hair or nourishing hair creams and hair waxes to soften the hair so that they untangle easily.

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If you have hair that is tangled or matted, grooming can be really difficult. Most people have the tendency to use hair brushes to detangle their hair, and they apply force if the comb or the brush is not going through the hair. However, though this seems the obvious thing to do, it can severely damage your hair, pulling them from their roots or making them extremely brittle and prone to breaking.

The use of bobble tipped brushes can cause more damage to the hair than you would think. These are also relatively useless for removing knots in your hair. Instead of a brush, use a wide tooth comb that can help you remove knots from your hair without causing any damage to them. This is the best way to untangle your hair.

When untangling hair knots, always start at the bottom and use gentle strokes to ease the tangles downwards. Use slow and gentle strokes to tease the knot instead of trying to pull the hair apart. Once your hair is completely detangled, use a brush to massage the scalp and polish your hair. Since damp hair are easier to detangle, it is best to use a water mister to dampen your hair before passing a comb through them. For knots that are really stubborn, soak your hair in conditioner and then untangle your hair with a wide toothed comb.

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For most people, removing knots from the hair is much easier when the hair is wet. To an extent, this is true as well. When the hair is wet, it is easier to slide the comb through it. The decreased friction allows the comb to easily glide through the hair, allowing you to untangle your hair much more easily.

However, it should be known that wet hair are much weaker, and it is best if you do not yank them hard because this could cause the hair to break, leading to split ends and roughness. This could also easily yank the hair out of their roots, causing much damage.

There are many other ways of getting knots out of the hair, but if you really want to be gentle with your hair, it is best to ensure that you comb them daily and apply some oil or conditioner regularly so that they do not get more tangled than what you can manage.

Hair knot removal is not easy, and if not done properly, it could cause serious damage to the hair. The trick is to be gentle and thorough. Combing your hair regularly will help you keep them in good shape and good health.

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If you have not been combing your hair regularly, there is a good chance that your hair may become rough and matted. The hair also becomes tangled and extremely difficult to untangle. Hair may also become matted if the natural process of shedding is not occurring properly. The loose hairs can get tangled by knotting themselves around other hair.

The best way to deal with matting of hair is to comb your hair regularly so that shedding hair can be naturally removed from the scalp. Adding a little oil to the scalp can also help in untangling matted hair. If the cuticles are well lubricated, the hair strands pass along each other with relative ease. You can use a hot oil treatment and apply warm olive oil, massaging the scalp as you do it.

After oiling, leave the hair for at least 30 minutes. You can retain the moisture by using a conditioning cap on your head after oiling the hair. You can also stand under the shower and allow your hairs to soak in cold water to detangle matted hair. Once your hair is wet, you can use your fingers to loosen the strands. Using this method, you can also detangle curly hair, which tend to get tangled more often than regular hairs.

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  • Mix equal amounts of conditioner and water and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the tangled area.
  • Comb the hair with a medium tooth comb in a gentle manner and take care not to hut her.
  • Start detangling from the tips and not from the roots, as the former will be easier with less hair breakage.
  • Then for a smoother effect comb from the tips after they are detangled.

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