Lack of which proteins in the body could form or cause boils.

What makes you believe it is a lack of certain proteins which cause this symptom? Many people have difficulty eliminating for a variety of reasons, but I've not read or heard of any specific research or clinical results that have linked poor elimination to specific protein deficiencies. Without good elimination, toxins may be deposited in many places, and sometimes "walled off" e.g. the creation of a boil, lipoma, tumor, etc. Since the body cannot eliminate well, the boil may become infected because the circulation to the area is impaired and bacteria will accumulate and proliferate. So, the naturopathic strategies would be to improve your elimination and support your immune system. Ways to do this are hydrotherapies such as alternating hot/cold water poultices, epsom salt baths, drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure/filtered water, saunas, steam baths, sweat lodges, vigorous excercise, lymphatic massage, cool water shower spray, etc. Immune system support can be achieved through regular use of castor oil packs, healthy food choices, dry skin brushing, lymphatic massage, exercise, etc.

answered by Dr K B N

It is difficult to isolate proteins and blame a particular protein for causing acne. If your protein intake in diet is low, then it can give a tired appearance to your skin reflecting an unhealthy skin. Proteins are required for generation and repair of new cells, tissues, enzymes and hormones. Thus include adequate protein (10-15% of total energy consumption) in your daily diet to avoid any health related issues. Include good quality proteins like egg, milk and milk products, fish, soy in your diet along with nuts, whole pulses, dals, legumes and sprouts to fulfill your daily requirements.

answered by S P

Boils are not caused by protein lack.  Having a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables with plenty of pure water and deep breathing together with Vitamin C would help prevent a recurrence of boils and washing and showering using a non-residual body wash rather than soaps would also help.

answered by J R M

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