My daughter is 2 1/2 years old. She has lately been having heat boils on her legs (below knee). The boils form get swollen, form pus and spread to further areas. How to avoid / cure it.

Anyone can develop boils; however, heat boils are not like any other boils. Heat boils occur when the body's immune system is impaired and bacteria can easily invade the defenses. People who have been suffering from any kind of long term illnesses, or have been using a lot of medications are far more prone to developing boils on their skin. If your daughter has been suffering from a disease or has low immunity, this may explain the recurring boils on the legs.

Heat boils are also caused between the folds of the skin. When the temperature is high and you are sweating a lot, the folds of the skin rub against each other and a lot of friction is created. This gives rise to yeast infections and is a ripe ground for microbes to enter into the skin. For people, who carry a lot of weight, this rubbing of the folds of skin against each other is more common. Therefore, if you are overweight, you are more prone to heat boils.

The cure for heat boils is in understanding its causes. Once the cause of the blister is clear, it is much easier to cure the boil. There are many home remedies for heat boils, but most of these are based on keeping your skin clean. Maintaining proper hygiene is the easiest way to treat boils and one of the best heat boils home remedy option. You should remember that if these boils are caused by microbes, the boils are contagious.

If you do not know what the boils have been caused by, you will also not know how to treat boils. Most of the boils are usually caused by the bacteria known as staphylococci. The treatment for heat boils is usually done by antibiotics. The doctor may give you broad spectrum antibiotics to kill off any bacteria. While you wait for the effects of the antibiotics to kick in, you can try out home remedies for heat boils.

The heat boil home remedy is to keep the skin clean and the immunity of the body high. Another way to treat heat boils on body is to apply heat to them. If you have a small boil anywhere on your body, use a warm compress to bring the boil to head. Once this is done, the boil will begin to ooze and you can clean it. You may need to keep cleaning the boil so that the infection is completely removed from the body.

Ideally the home remedies to treat boils should be used immediately after you first begin to notice them. Hot soaks and hot packs should be applied to a boil as soon as you first see their appearance. This helps in keeping the boils from growing larger and infecting other parts of the skin. It is also important to keep your skin clean if your boils have been oozing. Since boils are often caused by microbes, the pus inside the boils can infect other parts of the skin as well. Cleaning the pus helps remove the risk of further infection.

Boils on legs and buttocks are due to wearing synthetic underwear or clothes that are too tight. Men and women who have fat thighs usually experience this more than others. If you know how to apply a heat pack, you know how to treat boils at home. Once the boil has been drained, you will not experience pain from it anymore. If the boil is larger, you may need to discuss it with a health practitioner. Large boils which are painful and uncomfortable, can be removed by medical practitioners. Application of heat packs are an excellent way on how to get rid of boils on the inner thighs.

If you are wondering how to treat boils naturally, simply take warm showers every day. A warm shower allows your skin to remain clean. It also kills off bacteria on the surface of the skin and allows you to keep your skin cleaner. If you have a tendency to get heat boils on legs, use paper towels to clean your legs every time you are in the bathroom. This helps the legs remain free of sweat and moisture buildup.

If you want to know how to prevent boils, simply boost your immunity. Consume lots of vitamin C and zinc to boost your immunity so that the bacteria cannot invade your skin and cause these boils. There are several ways of preparing drawing salves which can be used to treat the boils naturally. Apply heat and then use the salve on the affected area. After applying the salve, apply a bandage. You may need to change the bandages very often and each time you do that, add a fresh layer of salve. Improve your hygiene and also maintain a healthy diet. This will not only help you keep clean, but will also help keep your immunity in check so that your body does not fall easy prey to microbes that try to invade it.

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If the problem recurs frequently, consult the pediatrician at the earliest.

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