Get rid of water retention naturally

Water retention is also called as oedema. Triamterene is a diuretic ('water pill') used to treat high blood pressure and fluid retention. The idea is to increase loss of water and sodium from the body by excessive urination.Oedema is the symptom of either heart disease, liver disease or kidney / renal problems. High BP and fluid retention may be caused by various conditions such as liver disease, heart disease or kidney / renal disease. Some herbs do have a mild diuretic effect. Parsley is the best natural diuretic. You could try this out: Add two teaspoons of dried parsley leaves per cup of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes. Drink up to three cups a day. Realise that use of diuretics and natural remedies to treat oedema will take care of the symptom but not really help in the long run as the root cause for developing water retention has to be identified for proper treatment. Seek professional help to find out the root cause for your oedema so that you can derive maximum benefits of an appropriate treatment.

Regarding Nutrition: Restrict intake of salt from your diet as it can worsen water retention but do not eliminate salt completely from your diet. Do not add top salt and avoid consuming canned, bottled foods. Avoid foods like salted nuts, pickles, ketchups. Avoid salt substitutes which contain high potassium esp. if you are using Triamterene for long. This medication can raise your potassium level if consumed for too long. Very high potassium levels can be fatal. You can definitely try out our natural cure using parsley but you do need professional help to deal with your specific condition.

answered by P P

Actually, many cases of water retention is due to lack of water intake. When your body does not have enough water intake, it retains water, causing edema. Increase your water intake, and over about a week you will probably see a difference. Water intake means just water. Drink as much plain water as you can throughout the day. I prefer to drink filtered water.

answered by C F

Alfalfa and parsley are two plants which are natural diuretics, there are many others. You can make a tea from the leaves and drink it. If your water retention is due to a heart condition, ensure you are eating sufficient amounts of protein and drinking plenty of water. If your water retention is due to a kidney dysfunction then your diet should be structured to place less stress on the kidneys.

answered by Dr K B N

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