How To Get Rid Of Water Or Fluid Retention In Legs?

I am afraid your question is not very clear. When you say water tintion, do you mean to ask about water retention in legs? It is really difficult to answer your question with so few details

Water retention is a fairly common problem and many people suffer from this. you will be surprised to know that when a person complains of water in the legs, there could be a variety of reasons to explain this condition. The person could be suffering from thrombosis, or else she could simply be pregnant. When a person complains of water in his legs, he or she usually experiences a feeling of heaviness in the legs. When a person suffers from varicose veins, this is a common side effect too. You should therefore get yourself examined by your physician. Sometimes people suffer from water retention if they are they have to stand for long hours in their work. If you have a job that entails being on your feet constantly, you should try your best to keep your feet comfortable and happy. Wear comfortable shoes and take frequent breaks. At the end of the day sit in a comfortable chair and keep your feet elevated at a height above that of your body. Another easy solution is soaking your feet in some hot water. Not only will your tiredness drain away, you will find the swelling going down. Some people recommend using cold water. Applying an ice pack is also an effective remedy. You should try to cut down your salt intake. Eating bananas everyday will also help you. Eat as much cabbage as you can since eating this vegetable is another easy remedy to solving the problem of water in your legs. Yogurt is another food item that you can eat and feel better.

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