how to get rid of water retention

Abnormality in fluid collection in the body is termed as oedema. This is especially seen in the feet, legs and ankle. Hands and face are affected in the latter stages. Pressing the affected area with finger results in pitting. The time taken for the skin to come back depicts the intensity of the condition. The contributing factors of water retention are pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, old age, menstruation, injury and long standing hours. Cucumber slices with potato strips placed over, acts as an excellent poultice. The hair of corn cobs are boiled in two cups of water and drunk. Cabbage leaves placed on the affected area is helpful. Avoid processed foods, due to its high sodium content, which in turn helps in water retention. Powdered flax seed is considered safe and effective in controlling oedema. Adequate water intake helps in flushing out the toxins. Swimming is also helpful, as the external pressure results in fluids moving into the bladder. Avoid standing for long hours. Support stockings prove beneficial. Place a pillow under the legs. Limit your salt intake. Caffeine, alcohol, pickles and other salty foods are abstained from.

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