Natural Cures for Plural Psoriasis on Hand

Plural Psoriasis is a very troublesome condition that is usually hereditary. To treat it, it is important to treat both internally and externally. For external treatment, a small application daily of Hypericum oil is very helpful. You will need to keep the areas effected by Plural Psoriasis clean and moisturized throughout the day and bathing daily will help to keep scales to a minimum. A baking soda bath will help sooth the itching while the internal and external treatments are taking effect, just be sure to apply the Hypericum oil after your bath. Wear gloves to cover your hands when you are out in the sun for extended periods of time, although a little bit if sun each day is beneficial!

For the internal treatment, it is of utmost importance to try to keep your stress level to a minimum as Psoriasis flare ups are often triggered by emotional stress or trauma. For internal treatment, you should boost up your immune system by taking grapeseed extract, milk thistle, and bilberry extract. Drinking several cups of Green Tea, iced or hot, is also known to help. Following a natural diet with low sugar intake and increased amounts of whole, raw foods will also be helpful. Always make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and smoking. Avoiding smoky environments will also help to prevent flare ups of your Psoriasis.

answered by R P

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