was told pickle juice helps with arthritis. do not know how much to take?

Pickle juice contains some amount of vinegar and is said to be a rich source of electrolytes. This is the basis of the reputation that pickle juice enjoys as a home remedy for cramps and arthritis.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that pickle juice can help relieve the pain associated with certain forms of arthritis including rheumatic arthritis and gout. The theory behind this claim is that pickle juice helps to detoxify the body. Pickle juice has a diuretic effect that makes a person urinate more frequently. This helps it to get rid of toxins such as crystal deposits that cause the pain associated with gout.

However, there is no scientific proof to corroborate the claim that drinking pickle juice can lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

Adding pickles to your diet can be beneficial in other ways too. Pickles are low in calories and do not contain any fat. They add flavor to food and are good for the digestive system. The high levels of antioxidants in pickles are also beneficial to your overall health.

The diuretic properties of pickles also help your body in getting rid of bacteria and preventing a buildup of uric acid in your body. Pickle juice also helps the body to digest purines, foods that would otherwise cause uric acid levels to increase in your body.

Pickle juice is also a good remedy for cramps. Studies have shown a link between drinking pickle juice and easing of cramps. One study in particular used an electric current to cause muscle cramps in the legs of athletes after an exercise session. It was found that those who drank pickle juice recovered from the induced cramps much sooner than those who consumed water.

The reason that pickle juice is such a good cure for muscle cramps is its high sodium and electrolyte content. Cramps are usually caused by an imbalance of electrolytes and pickle juice helps to redress this imbalance.

However, the high salt content in pickle juice calls for some caution. High salt intake can lead to a variety of health related issues and can result in water retention and swollen hands and feet. High salt intake can also lead to hypertension or high blood pressure.  In fact, those with hypertension are advised to have low salt diets, which is why those suffering from this disease should avoid drinking pickle juice.

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Pickle juice is generally recommended for sports people, as, it contains lots of salt, thereby helping in water retention. Two ounces of pickle juice is believed to provide relief from muscular cramps. It is better to take it under the guidance of your physician.

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