Advice for eye infection in kids: My neighbour's kid is facing infection in eyes since birth, one of his eye is always watery since one year He is 3 yrs old now. Please suggest a solution.

There are many children who suffer from an eye infection, known as blocked tear duct, right from the time that they are born. Studies show that almost 20% of the all the infants are born with a blockage in either one or both of their tear ducts. The blockage could be complete or partial and is usually accompanied by symptoms like conjunctivitis or a yellowish-white discharge. Most newborn babies can start tearing, when they are around 3 weeks old. The tears normally drain through small tear ducts at the sides of the eyes, into the nose. Soon after a baby is born, a thin membrane, which covers the nasal end of the tear ducts, breaks open. This allows the drainage of tears in the proper manner. However, in case this membrane does not open completely, it can cause the tears to accumulate in one or even both the eyes. If the fluid does not drain properly, there is a possibility that it could become infected. An infection in the eye is normally characterized by a discharge that is persistently yellow.

Therefore, the child's eyes may first appear to be water and in case they get infected, a yellow or white discharge will be seen in the corner of their eyes. If this discharge is left all night long, it may crust over during the night, thereby sealing the eye shut. An eye infection in children and especially infants should never be ignored or left untreated. It is important to consult a doctor without any delay, who can recommend the appropriate eye infections treatment.

Watery Eyes Treatment

For older children, doctors often prescribe ointments or eye drops, to clear the infection and watery discharge from the eyes. In most cases, for watery eyes treatment, doctors recommend that the skin that is near the corner of the child's eye (close to the nose) should be massaged in a certain way, to unblock the infant’s tear ducts. In addition to massages and medication, the use of lukewarm compresses may also help to pop the membrane open and leave the duct clear. In case the duct does not open completely and a discharge is present, it will need to be cleaned regularly, using a cotton ball that has been dipped in a saline solution.

If the tear ducts do not open till the time a child reaches the age of 6 months to 12 months, a doctor may recommend a surgery as a last resort for watery eyes treatment. Watery eyes treatment is permanent and once a child’s tear ducts open up, they should remain open and should not cause any further problem.

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If the eye infection does not improve within a week, consult an ophthalmologist (eye specialist).

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