what is a good way to put the drop in my 4 year old eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is the reddening of the cornea. Pain and inflammation are common symptoms. Dust, dander of pets and pollen are the common causes. Wet cloth placed over the eye relieves you of itch. Over-the-counter eye drops is an effective remedy. Itching and tear production is seen in pink eye. Bacteria or virus caused pink eye is contagious. Chamomile tea is used as an eye wash, which helps in relieving itch. A drop of castor oil in the eye is useful. Aloe vera juice is also effective. A mixture of distilled water with cider vinegar is an effective home remedy. Alcohol vapors are helpful in relieving pink eye, by having a bacteriostatic action. Artificial tears help in flushing out toxins. Placing a cold bread slice reduces the itch and swelling. A warm compress with lavender oil, chamomile oil or rose oil proves beneficial. A rinse of baby shampoo is also useful. In case of a lactating mother, flushing the eyes with breast milk is of great help. Rinse a cotton cloth with warm saline and place over eyes.

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