Are there any prescription drugs that cure dandruff or psoriasis?

Psoriasis can lead to dandruff flakes on the scalp that are often difficult to get rid of. It is usually treated with topical medications or in severe cases, through oral medications or injections. There may be variation in how different people respond to treatment and hence it is advisable to consult your doctor before staring any medication or treatment. If your condition requires any specific medication, your doctor is the best person to prescribe them for you.

There are also some home remedies and natural treatments that may provide relief from your condition.

  • Olive oil helps to moisturize a dry scalp and relieve itching. Warm up some olive oil and apply a small amount to the affected areas. Allow it to remain on your scalp for about 15 minutes and rinse out.
  • Vinegar has disinfectant properties and helps to alleviate inflammation. Mix water and apple cider vinegar in equal parts and apply to the affected areas of the scalp using a cotton ball. Let it stay on the scalp for 20 minutes and rinse the hair.
  • You can apply a solution of baking soda and water to the itchy areas using a washcloth. Baking soda is greatly helpful in reducing itching and inflammation.
  • Aloe vera gel helps to soothe the skin and encourage healing of skin wounds. You can use the gel extracted from fresh aloe vera leaves or purchase the gel from a pharmacy or health food store.
  • Placing a wet towel or a cold pack on the itchy may bring you some relief from the discomfort.
  • Covering the scalp with plastic wrap or over-the-counter patches may enable the medication to work more effectively on the affected area. It also helps to keep the scalp moisturized. Change the wrap regularly as keeping it on for too long may pose the risk of secondary infection.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the scalp as it could worsen the condition. The skin may also start to bleed and hair loss may also occur. Even when washing your hair, work the shampoo into your hair gently using your fingertips.
  • Dermatologists sometimes prescribe a scale softener to treat thickened patches of psoriasis on the scalp. These contain salicylic acid that helps to soften the patches and allows other medication to penetrate the areas more deeply.
  • Stress can aggravate psoriasis and also lead to hair fall. Therefore it is important to keep your stress levels low even when there is a flare-up.



answered by G M

Two really good natural home treatments to cure dandruff or psoriasis are:

  • Hot oil therapy is another method to cure dandruff. Massage hot oil into the scalp at bedtime. You could use coconut oil or even almond oil. Next morning an hour before bath, rub lemon juice mixed with cosmetic vinegar (mix 1:2 ratio) into the scalp. Give the hair a good wash with an egg shampoo.
  • Dissolve 2 aspirins in any anti-dandruff shampoo, lightly massage into scalp and wash your hair. This really works I have tried it myself.

answered by P P

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