What to do if bleach splashes in eyes?

Bleach is a very commonly used chemical combination that is widely used in a number of home care products n today's world. Given its prominent role in our daily lives, it is almost impossible to guarantee that one will not experience some medical emergency as a result of bleach at some point of time in their lives. Moreover, it is essential to remember that the bleach does not necessarily need to make direct contact with your eye in order for your eye to start burning. The intensity of the fumes of the chemical composition is so strong that it is likely to cause a significant amount of irritation on its own. As a result, most medical experts will provide the advice that whenever working with bleach for extended periods of time, it is essential that you allow yourself a break every 30 minutes to reduce the already heightened amount of exposure. Bleach does not only affect the eyes, but can also significantly damage skin tissues as well as irritate internal organs which the inhaled fumes come in contact with such as the lungs, air canal, throat and nose. Working with large and concentrated amounts of bleach needs to be performed by someone with a chemical background or an in depth knowledge of how harmful the substance can be. Some of the more common severe conditions that are likely to develop as a result of a prolonged exposure to bleach and the fumes emitted by it include chronic respiratory problems much like asthma, obstructive lung disease and chronic bronchitis in addition to the many heart conditions that are also likely to develop.

When the substance first comes in contact with your eye, you are going to experience a very prominent burning sensation around the area while your eye is also likely to turn significantly red. In some cases, the intensity of the burning sensation may be too much for a person to even open their eyes - which is going to substantially lower their vision. As soon as you get bleach in your eye, you should wash your eye immediately. While this is unlikely to completely remedy the situation, it will significantly lower the amount of irritation your eye is experiencing. You should then apply a cool compress over your affected eye and get some rest. The cool compress will soothe the eye and draw out any remaining irritation that you might experience.

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