How to bleach skin and make it glowing during summer?

During summer, nature itself is trying to detoxify our skin, by driving out toxins through sweat. Glow on the skin is not dependent on the color of the skin, but insulin sensitivity of the skin. IF there is adequate flow of nutrients to the skin cells and they are able to use them, glow is the only possible result.

Skin needs blood rich in oxygen, adequate sugar and insulin. If insulin usage capability is reduced, drak patches result.

Use a paste made from soaking fenugreek seeds in little water, make paste and apply for 30 minutes in the early morning. wash with warm water. You can add following to the paste also: yogurt, little lemon juice, honey, sandal powder, turmeric and orange peel powder.

Once insulin sensitivity is achieved, rose water can be added for cooling the blood. Rose water is available as a synthetic water and you can make it by soaking rose petals in water/milk for 3 hours. IN India nowadays we get rose petals + milk baths..cost is high of course.

answered by S B

  1. To lighten your complexion grind a couple of almonds in milk and apply on the face at bedtime.
  2. To improve a dark and dull complexion soal chick-peas in milk overnight. Next morning, grind to a paste and mix in a pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops of lime juice and leave on for half an hour.
  3. To lighten and brighten your complexion take a tablespoon of milk and mix in one teaspoon each of carrot, orange juice and melted honey. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

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