Are there home remedies to bleach hair above the lip?

Unwanted hair is one of the biggest banes for most women, especially when it is on the facial area. This is because the facial area cannot usually be covered with clothing, like other parts of the body, such as the arms, legs, underarms, back and so on. Most women cringe when they see excessive or even a moderate amount of upper lip hair, as they believe it makes them look masculine. This is probably why the markets are full of products and services that claim to help women in removing upper lip hair. Some of the most common methods on how to get rid of upper lip hair include waxing, threading, shaving, plucking (or tweezing), electrolysis or laser therapy. Some women also use a depilatory cream as an upper lip hair remove. Most of these techniques on upper lip hair removal for women are temporary and therefore the upper lip hair grows back within a while. Hence, such methods for hair removal need to be continued on a long term basis. Fortunately, there are a few methods, which are excellent for those who are looking for ways on how to get rid of upper lip hair permanently. However, they can be a bit expensive and the treatment could also take a while. Some women prefer bleaching lip hair, which does not actually remove the hair, but lightens its color, making it virtually unnoticeable.

Since every woman's skin, hair growth and preference are different, it is only natural that every woman will use the technique that suits her the most. Some of the upper lip hair removal techniques could be more painful than the others and are therefore avoided by several women. However, those who can bear the pain may find that particular technique preferable to the others, because the growth of hair may be slower. Given below are the pros and cons associated with the different upper lip hair removal methods:


This can be done at home, as well as a salon and is one of the most commonly used hair removal techniques, especially with those women who are looking for ways on how to get rid of upper lip hair without waxing. This method is a bit painful and needs to be repeated every 3 weeks or so, but with regular use, it helps reduce the overall growth of hair in the area.


Upper lip hair wax is another common method used by thousands of women around the world. This method too, can be tried at home or at a parlor, with the help of a professional. However, waxing is not only messy and painful, but can also cause the skin to loosen over a period of time.


This method is usually used by women who are looking for ways on how to get rid of upper lip hair naturally, mainly, without using any cream, bleach, gel or wax. The only tool required for this is a pair of tweezers. However, if the skin is not held properly while the hair is being plucked, it could lead to a lot of pain and perhaps even an injury. This technique is best for women who only need to keep off from a small amount of hair.


Women who have fair complexion with dark upper lip hair usually face a lot of problem, as the minute the hair starts growing back it is very visible and looks ugly. The most common recommendation for such women is for them to bleach upper lip hair. There are many different brands of face bleach easily available in the market. However, most brands of bleach contain chemicals that could bring about an adverse reaction. Since facial skin is very sensitive, it is best for women to test the bleach on another area of the skin, like the back of the hand, first. Many women also try to bleach upper lip hair with peroxide, since it lightens the color of the hair. However, peroxide too should be used carefully, as it has been known to aggravate the skin at times. Women who have sensitive facial skin and are apprehensive about using such products can also choose to use natural ways to lighten hair. Some of the natural ways to lighten hair at home include the use of fresh lemon juice and sun dried orange peels. It is important for women to realize that upper lip hair bleach (commercial cream or natural bleach) neither gets rid of the hair on the upper lip area, nor slows down the growth in any way. However, upper lip bleaching causes the color of the hair to lighten and turn almost white. Hence, in case of women who use the upper lip hair bleaching technique on a regular basis, the hair on the upper lip is not really visible, even though they have not really gotten rid of it.

Due to the pain and the possible side effects associated with some of the techniques mentioned above, there are some women who look for options on how to get rid of upper lip hair with home remedies. Fortunately, there are many home remedies to remove upper lip hair mentioned through online resources. One such method is the use of a paste made from gram flour. However, to avoid any adverse effects on the facial skin, it is best to consult a doctor before using any home remedy to remove upper lip hair.

Most parlors and salons offer upper lip hair removal services for girls and women. On the other hand, many professional centers also conduct laser and electrolysis treatments for women; however, each session could be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are many simple tips on how to get rid of upper lip hair for girls and women at home. Several companies are selling products that are quite reasonable and effective, through which women can easily get rid of unwanted upper lip hair. However, for more permanent methods of hair removal, it is best to consult a skin specialist.

answered by G M

The hair which grows over your upper lips can be many times annoying. Try the following natural ways to bleach them -

  • Grind sun dries orange peels them to make its powder. Make a paste by adding a tsp of lemon juice and curd. Exfoliate your skin with this mixture daily for best results.
  • Make a paste from lemon juice and honey. Apply this on your face and neck. Wash it with tap water after 20minutes. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent and will help to lighten your upper lip hair over a period of time.
  • To remove excessive hair above your lip line threading can also be considered as a good option.
  • Natural bleach's effect won't be too prominent and quick as they don't have any chemicals. For best results be patient and practice these remedies on regular basis.

answered by S P

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