What are some of the common home remedies for blocked nose?

Nasal congestion, also commonly known as blocked nose, is caused by the inflammation of the mucus membranes that line the inner walls of the nasal cavity. common cold, allergies, flu and sinus infections are the most common causes for this condition. Less frequently, excessive use of certain nasal sprays and drops may also be responsible for a blocked nose. Nasal congestion can impede easy respiration and hamper proper sleep in adults, while in infants it can be potentially more dangerous.

There are several simple home remedies to treat a blocked nose. One of the most popular and time-tested remedies is to apply raw mustard oil on both sides of the nose externally every night before going to bed. This naturally warms up the nasal cavity and loosens the accumulated mucus inside that is often responsible for the congestion. Another remedy is to mix equal portions of coconut oil and ginger extract and warm this mixture gently on a low flame and then apply it on the forehead about an hour before taking a bath. You could also use eucalyptus oil to massage your forehead every day. Alternatively, you could also add a tablespoon of eucalyptus oil in a tub of hot water and inhale the steam from this by lowering your head over the tub and covering your head with a towel. Instead of eucalyptus oil, you may also use tea tree oil for similar effects. For another useful remedy, add a few drops of the oil of oregano into a glass of fruit juice and drink this every morning. This oil acts as a natural decongestant and is highly effective in treating nasal congestion. Drink hot mint tea or echinacea tea several times a day to unclog the blocked nasal passage. Eating hot soups also has similar remedial effects. Eating vitamin C supplements or natural sources of this vitamin is a useful way of treating nasal congestion, as this keeps the level of histamine, a protein responsible for nasal congestion, under control. Besides these particular remedies, a few general measures may be helpful in remedying the condition. Drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices, and avoid chilled drinks and coffee. Avoid exposure to cold weather and keep the air in your immediate surroundings sufficiently hydrated by using a humidifier. If you are allergic to pollen or certain air pollutants, use a face mask when you step outside.

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Blocked nose can be caused by a common cold or even due to the clogging of the nasal channel with allergens such as pollen, dust, cat hair and other air pollutants. It is thus easy to end up with a blocked nose especially if you have a sensitive nose. A popular method of unblocking the nose is rubbing menthol or other decongestants. A simpler home remedy involves sniffing an onion, which makes the nose run and thus unblocks it. Apart from this drink plenty of liquids to keep your body hydrated and flush out the toxins from your body, including the mucus built up in the system. Drinking plenty of hot soups, hot lemon tea and even hot water with honey is beneficial. The steam from the hot liquids clears the blocked nose and the hot liquid itself helps to unblock the nasal passage by diluting the mucus.

In addition to this, avoid alcohol since it leads to immediate congestion and blocked nasal passages during a cold. Also check for milk and wheat intolerance, since that leads to congestion of the nasal passages. In case of a chronic case of blocked nose, increase your intake of zinc and Vitamin C for long-term effects. Avoid lying flat when your nose is blocked since it restricts breathing. Instead prop up your head, by using more than one pillow, so that the nasal passage drains while you are sleeping and it is easier to breathe. Finally it is important to exercise regularly since that naturally decongests your chest and unblocks the nose.

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