Tips & Health Advice to Increase Sex Drive

Decreasing sex drive is a condition that most young men are plagued by in today’s world. This condition could be either physiological or psychological. However, in young men, the cause for decrease in sex drive is more commonly linked with psychological aspects rather than physiological issues. Changing lifestyles rank among the main causes for declining sex drive. Most young men are very career oriented and hold important positions at a very young age. This automatically increases stress and anxiety levels. Overexertion, hormonal changes and depression are also known to affect sex drive. Most youngsters also take to alcohol and recreational drugs at a very early stage in life which further hampers sexual performance. A decrease in sex drive could also be linked with health problems or certain medication. There are a number of easy remedies to increase sex drive. However, consulting a doctor would help in putting you at ease as the cause of the condition would be ascertained.

The state of mind plays a very vital role in intimacy. Mental and physical stress hampers one’s ability to perform effectively in bed. Hence, being completely relaxed is essential for increasing sex drive. A hot bath before intimacy helps in relaxing both body and mind. Adding a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil will prove beneficial as it known to intensify sexual desire while energizing the body as a whole. Deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation are excellent stress busters that help in improving sex drive. In addition, the level of understanding and comfort that you and your partner share has its part to play. Mental preparedness and foreplay also help in making sex more pleasurable, thus increasing the desire for it.

Maca root is the best known herbal remedy as it boosts libido and testosterone levels in the body. Chewing a small piece of ginger 15-20 minutes before making love is also believed to be beneficial as it helps to focus on the act, thus increasing the intensity of love-making. It also improves blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings. A healthy diet loaded with fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts, sprouts, and seafood is believed to be beneficial in improving sexual performance. Selenium helps in maintaining sperm levels, and zinc is essential for the production of testosterone. Hence, a diet rich in these two minerals is essential for increasing sex drive and improving sexual performance. Smoking and alcohol intake should be avoided as they affect ones sex drive in the long run.

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