How i increase my sex power by taking food?

People get fascinated when they hear the word ‘sexual power’ that some cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers use in order to sell some of their products. In reality, there is no such thing as sexual power, and the media and other entrepreneurs have played well enough to exaggerate this term in order to sell certain cosmetic and health products. Most people often relate sexual powers with the capacity to sustain an orgasm for a prolonged period of time. However, this is a relative concept, as the capacity to perform during sexual intercourse depends largely on an individual’s overall health and state of mind.

In order to increase your sexual power, which actually refers to your sexual health, you will need to understand the main driving force behind sexual pleasure – an orgasm. An orgasm is a response to sexual stimulation that is controlled by the limbic system. In this process the limbic system that is also responsible in generating emotional reactions, general behavior, olfaction and long term memory, causes rapid muscle contractions in the muscles situated in the lower pelvic region, thus creating a feeling of pleasure. However, most people do not realize that there are other parts of the body that are also capable of being stimulated by the limbic system, some of these parts are the back, shoulders, lips, heels and calves. Learning to stimulate these areas on your partner’s body sensually will lead to arousal and therefore heighten pleasure. In addition to this maintaining the overall health of your body and avoiding certain substances will help you enjoy better sexual health.
  • Eat small and well balanced meals rather than stuffing your self just three times a day. For this purpose you will need to break your meals into breakfast, midday snack, lunch, pre tea snack, tea snack and a light dinner that should be consumed at least one and a half hour before going to sleep.
  • Oysters are known to increase the sexual health of a person since they are considered to be aphrodisiac in nature. However, they should be consumed in moderate amounts.
  • Honey is also an aphrodisiac in nature and helps in increasing sexual stamina. In fact the word honeymoon came into existence because of the sexual properties attributed to honey.
  • Dark chocolate is also very good in stimulating one’s sexual desires. Dark chocolate contains an amino acid called phenylalanine that is effective in increasing ones desire for sex.
  • Practicing yoga is also considered very effective when it comes to maintaining ones sexual health or sexual powers. Yoga helps an individual gain perfect balance over his or her body and mind, thus empowering a person with perfect control over ones emotions and desires.

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