I am frequently getting mouth ulcers at least twice in a month. So that I want to know the reasons behind it and the home remedies used to cure this. Please help me to overcome my problem.

If you are getting mouth ulcers so frequently, it is necessary for you to get to the root cause of the problem. Keep in mind that mouth ulcers do not happen as a general everyday occurrence. They are usually caused by a trigger of some sort. You need to ascertain that you are not eating something you are allergic to, or that you are not eating some sort of food which is causing the delicate skin inside your mouth to rupture. This could easily lead to mouth ulcers, which are also otherwise known as canker sores. Sometimes, hard foods like toast or hard candy, highly acidic foods such as pineapple, or even walnuts can cause mouth ulcers. Check to see if you are consuming any of these foods and if you are, stop immediately. In some really rare cases, it could also be a case of hormonal upheavals that could be causing mouth ulcers. However, if this is the reason, there would also be some other accompanying symptoms associated with this. A medical check up would reveal if this holds true for you. There are also some drugs if taken in excess that could lead to the development of mouth sores. Anti inflammatory, high blood pressure medication, or a variety of other medicines can cause canker sores. Check to see if you have started taking any new drugs which could possibly lead to the development of mouth ulcers. If you have started with a new type or brand of medicine, do not naturally assume this to be the cause of the mouth ulcers. Check with the health service provider who has prescribed or recommended this medicine, and if this is the cause, ask for a suitable alternative.

Sometimes, this can also be a hereditary trait. If this is the case with you, you should try to eat food that can typically cause mouth ulcers, as listed above. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can also cause mouth ulcers, as can some other nutritional deficiencies. However, in order to ascertain these as causes, you would need to consult a doctor. You can get relief from canker sores by taking in a teaspoonful of glycerin and swishing it about in your mouth for a while. Do not swallow this, spit it out instead. This will help to heal the sore and will also provide relief. Equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide can also help to sanitize your mouth. If these methods fail, get medical help.

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