Mouth Cancer

by Sharon Hopkins

Another type of cancer is mouth cancer, which is commonly known as oral cancer. Oral cancer involves any growth of cancerous tissue in mouth. Oral cancer is primary or secondary, that is it has originated elsewhere and metastasis in the mouth.

Most common type of cell growth in oral cancer is squamous cell growth, which spreads faster than any other type of cancer. Mouth cancer can form anywhere, on the floor of the mouth, on cheek lining, inside lips, most of the cancers form due to irritation of the tissues on the mouth.

There are different types of mouth cancers lymphoma, which originates in lymphocytes and circulates in lymphatic system. The lymphomas are from a broad group called hematological neoplasm.

Another type of oral cancer is teratoma, this cancer is a bit monstrous to look at, and the cancer looks quite different from the rest of the mouth tissue. The teratoma can be quite a scary thing to look at. It can grow quite large inside the mouth and is cause generally due to irritation of mouth tissue.

Adenocarcinoma, is another type of mouth cancer, this cancer is initially benign cancer, this forms in epithelial cells inside an organ, this cancer is stated to originate in glandular tissue.

The above are the three major types of oral cancers that can affect humans. There are several reasons why these cancers are formed. Main reason for mouth cancers is irritation of mucus membrane of mouth, this membrane gets irritated due to habits like smoking pipe, tobacco, and chewing tobacco is extremely hazardous to the mucous membrane of mouth. This causes irritation and infection to the mouth organs.

This cancer can be detected quite early; however, people should make it a point to go to a medical examiner. The test is painless and hardly takes up any time. It would involve only the practitioner’s fee. The treatment for this cancer is generally surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy according to what the doctor sees fit.

Oral cancer is irritating as well as life threatening; it will cease allowing patient to eat normally in its advanced state. Therefore, it is important to do a check up as soon as there are symptoms like difficulty in swallowing, tongue problems, mouth sore, abnormal tastes, etc. You should take notice the moment you find a tongue lesion, white patch, deep crack in tissue, etc. Development of an ulcer also should be a warning signal for you.

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