Hi, I am 25 years of age and suffered typhoid a year ago and since then I am trembling and anxious. My fingers also tremble. What should I do?

The first thing you should do in your condition is to return to your family physician and figure out whether this condition is actually related to your bout of typhoid. It is more than probable that there is no relation between the symptoms you are experiencing and the fact that you have had typhoid, especially since you stated that a whole year has passed. If these symptoms started right after you recovered from the disease, or even at the time that you were suffering from it, then there is a fifty-fifty chance that the two are related. Even then, there is no definite link. However, this is something only the physician who has been involved in your treatment can tell you. You should not try to employ your own devices before you have a diagnosis at hand. Once you have eliminated something serious, you can start trying to gain more control over the trembling that seems to be bother you. The best way to gain better and superior body control in such matters is to try and maintain a proper balance in your body via regular exercise. This will strengthen your musculature and will give you more control of your extremities.

Yoga is definitely your best bet! In particular, if you are suffering from some sort of muscular sensory weakness or disorder, the best way to bring about a positive progression and change is to get in at least one hour of Yoga each day. Along with Yoga, you should also manage and effectively control your diet. Try to cut out as much of caffeine and all caffeine related products from your daily diet. This alone will work wonders towards helping to control your body more effectively. It is believed that caffeine can have an adverse effect on the nervous system and can worsen prevailing muscular disorders. Avoid caffeine alltogether for a month and see if your symptoms decrease. If you smoke, you will have to quit or at least drastically reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. It is proven that cigarette smoking aggravates most medical conditions including nervous and musculature conditions.

You should also try to quit eating meat for a while and see if this helps you. A vegetarian system is an excellent way to cleanse your body and this should also take care of a host of other problems at the same time. But do not delay or neglect medical assistance, as this is important.

answered by M W

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