How to remove hair dye from skin

As a general rule, if you have managed to get hair dye on your skin, it will take anywhere from a day to three days to get rid of the stain. However, if you want to get rid of the hair dye sooner, then you may have to use some chemical substances that will help with this process. One of the most effective ways to get rid of any kind of chemical coloring off from your skin is to apply a generous layer of oil to it and leave it on for some time. If you can, try and use castor oil for this purpose. The oil will penetrate deep into your skin and will effectively help in getting rid of the color. After about a couple of hours or so, you can wash your hand off with water and soap. Try to use hot water to wash this off, as this will help because it will also help to dissolve the oil to a certain extent. If the regular soap you are using on a daily basis does not seem to work, try to get a carbolic soap and see if this will do the trick. If even this does not work effectively, then you should try and use detergent that is used for washing clothes instead. This soap is extremely strong and will successfully remove even tough oil stains from any surface.

Another really excellent product to use in order to get rid of the color stains would be turpentine. Generally used to remove oil paints or dilute them, turpentine can be easily used in a small piece of cotton wool to rub off the hair color. However, you would need to be extremely careful while using this product. Turpentine is extremely strong and even the vapors will irritate the sensitive membranes in your eyes. So you must make it a rule to keep it as far away from your eyes as much as possible. In fact, if you have a dye stain close to your eyes or even on your face, you are better off not using this method. Turpentine is also extremely harsh and can damage the sensitive skin on your face as well. You should also wash your hands several times with strong carbolic soap when you have used turpentine. This will eliminate all traces of the turpentine as the slightest residue can itirritate and itch your skin.

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