Hi, I am 25yrs old. My hair started graying. My skin also looks very unhealthy. Kindly suggest some remedies. I am also anemic.

Anemia usually has nothing to do with graying of hair, and is unlikely to affect your skin as well, except that it could make you look pale. In addition, the premature graying and unhealthy skin are unrelated to each other - premature graying is genetic, while poor skin is due to lifestyle and diet.

There is unfortunately almost nothing that you can do about the graying of your hair. For most people, gray hair does not begin to appear before the age of 40, but for some, it can begin even before the age of 30. In some cases, hair starts to turn gray during the teens, or even earlier. This is mostly determined by your genes, and cannot be controlled or reversed. One type of anemia, known as pernicious anemia, does sometimes involve graying of hair, but this is something you need to ask your doctor about. This type of anemia is characterized primarily by a severe deficiency of vitamin B12, and treatment mainly consists of administering regular supplements of this vitamin. Another health condition that could cause premature graying of hair is vitiligo (also known as leukoderma), but it is unlikely that this would be the first symptom. It is possible for malnutrition to cause light and brittle, thus appearing almost gray. This could be the result of an improper diet or an unhealthy weight loss program, but it too would most likely cause other symptoms as well.

One thing that you can do about your gray hair is to quit smoking, if you do smoke. Studies have shown that smokers are more likely to suffer from premature graying of hair than non smokers. Apart from this, the only viable options are to accept the problem and live with it, or to start dyeing your hair.

Bad skin on the other hand is a problem that can be solved quite easily. As far as your diet goes, a good balance of all the necessary nutrients is essential, but you should especially include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. Avoid consuming an excess of fat, or even of protein. At the same time, a lack of any essential nutrients will make your skin look dull - this includes fats, which is why the key word is balance. You should also undertake a daily exercise regimen of one hour, or at least half an hour. This helps your body function optimally, and also tones up your muscles, helping your skin look smooth and taut.

answered by M W

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