Wrist pains if touched, but no swelling on the part?

With internal problems such as the one you have described, you are better off showing your wrist to a doctor to begin with. It is quite obvious from your short but extremely clear description that you are suffering from some sort of internal injury which has absolutely no manifestation externally of any kind. Either you could be suffering from a pinched nerve or a pressed nerve or tendon. It is also possible that you could be suffering from something like tendonitis, which you are totally unaware of. Please try and get a medical diagnosis rather than applying your own set of treatments or even your own diagnosis of the situation. That is not only safer; it will also help with healing, rather than compounding your injury. In any and all cases, however, there can be some simple thing you can do to ease the pain and make yourself more comfortable. To begin with, try to minimize wrist usage and even movement. This will help by not aggravating the wrist with any untoward movement. If you find bandaging or splinting your wrist easier and more comfortable, then you can do that. This will also be of great help as it will support your wrist and prevent any and all movement.

For relief, you can try to dip your wrist in water that has been heated to a comfortably hot temperature. This will help to ease the muscles and tendons in your wrist and will help you to get relief from the intense pain you have been experiencing. Before soaking it in hot water, try to apply clove oil gently to your wrist. This remedy is known to ease pain. If your pain is internal, like it seems to be, then you should also generally make it a point to apply and keep the clove oil on for at least an hour or even overnight to give it time to soak in. Make a paste with Fuller's Earth and warm water and apply this to your wrist. This will help to ease your muscles and will help with the pain. You can also generally rub mustard oil onto your wrist. Be careful that you do not rub or massage your wrist too hard. Massaging your wrist can do more damage than good as it can worsen a torn muscle by tearing it further. This would also happen if you have stretched or torn a tendon. Visit a doctor first to get a diagnosis and then a physiotherapist's session could be very useful in telling you what all exercises can help with the pain.

answered by G R

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