Inflammation of wrist and neck. Kindly suggest some home remedies?

It is not clear what other complaints you have, besides the inflammation of the wrist and neck, but both problems are probably simply due to the strain on these muscles. Using the muscles in these areas continuously for long periods of time can often cause inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Activities that cause you to inadvertently keep your muscles taut for long periods of time could also have the same effect. The problems that you have mentioned seem very likely to be the result of excessive computer use. Wrist problems are very common among people who use the computer a lot. Over a long period of time, the problem can become rather severe and chronic, at which time it is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Neck and shoulder muscles of computer users are also often affected, because many of them tend to have really bad posture while using the computer.

If the problem has started only recently, there is a good chance that you will be able to manage it on your own, without any medical intervention. However, it is extremely important that you take some steps to solve the problem, as neglecting it will make it much worse, and then you will need treatment, which could even include surgery.

For now, you should first of all reduce the amount of time you spend on activities that put a strain on your neck and wrist. If you use the computer, try to reduce the time that you spend at the computer, and whenever you must use it, take regular breaks. A five minute break once every hour should help, but you can take more frequent breaks too, especially if you feel your muscles become stressed. You should also improve your posture - make a note of how you sit at the computer, and ensure that you are sitting upright, with the screen level with your head. Even if computer use is not the cause of the problem, the essence of these rules applies.

When you take your breaks and also at other times of the day, you should perform simple exercises. These exercises include rotating your wrists and your neck, slowly and gently, for a couple of minutes. Make sure that you get enough rest daily, so that your muscles are able to recuperate after they have been used. You can also try using a cold or hot compress (either an ice pack or a hot water bottle), whichever one you feel gives you the most relief.

answered by G R

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