I left my sunglasses on in the sun. Now I have noticeable white rings around my eyes. How can I get rid of it or spread the tan around?

Although a lot of people are enamored with the glow that a sun tan could provide to their skin, many do not realize that, unless proper care is taken, it could be a very disastrous experiment. Tanning the skin incorporates the process of exposing your skin to a significant amount of sunlight – which contains harmful ultra violet rays that could do quite a bit of damage to your skin including skin cell augmentation and skin cancer. If the exposure is too extreme for the skin to bear, it is likely that you could suffer from sunburns, where the outer layer of the skin is significantly damaged. The application of some sun block creams will help protect your skin against the harmful effects of ultra violet light. A lot of people tend to forget about protecting their lips while sunbathing. Considering that the lips are made up of the same cell type as the skin, they are equally susceptible to the damage. Since you mention that you left your sunglasses on during the sun bath, certain parts of skin on your face were not evenly exposed to the sunlight, causing some amount of hyper pigmentation. In order to fight the effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun, the melanocytes (which are the pigmentation coloring cells of the skin) produce darker pigmentation for the skin. This darker melanin is then evenly distributed around the skin cells that have been exposed to the sun. Since a portion of your face was covered by the sun glasses, it was not exposed to the sun light as much as the surrounding areas and will thus receive a much lower amount of the darker melanin – causing noticeable circles.

You must remember that any treatment option you choose will take time in restoring your complexion back to its original appearance. aloe vera gel is widely renowned for its great skin healing and treating properties. Apply a proportionate amount of the gel over the circles around your eyes; this will help lighten your skin complexion, as well as reduce any itching and redness in the area. The main aim of any treatment option would be to get the rest of your face to match the skin tone around your eyes rather than the other way around. So you could try grating a few potatoes and extract its juice. This juice should then be applied to the areas of tanned skin for a period of about 20 minutes on a regular basis before being washed off with the help of some warm water.

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You need to keep in mind that the rings may not completely disappear before you begin to try something to that effect. To begin with, you should try and get another tanning session out in the fresh air with sun tan lotion applied to all parts of your face except the part that is left whitened. This will help to darken the area, while not darkening the rest of your face. Make sure you apply a thick layer of sun tan lotion for noticeable and effective results. Try to get yourself out on the sun after this for about 20 to 45 minutes and you should be able to see a difference. If not, you can try it once again, the next day. You should also make sure that you are out in the sun between noon and about 4 pm. This is the best time for you to get the tan, as the sun is at its strongest at this time. If this method does not work, you can try other methods to get rid of your tan on the rest of your face. The fastest and most effective method will be to apply chemical bleach. This is easily available off the shelf at all pharmacies almost in every country. Bleach is the best way to get a sun tan off your face. Please remember to read all instructions before you begin applying bleach to your face. You may develop an allergic reaction if you fail to do a patch test for the bleach, for instance. If you feel that this is too strong a method to use, you can also use other alternatives, such as hydrogen peroxide. This will help to clear out your skin very effectively. However, you need to know that this may take a considerably longer time that chemical bleach would under most circumstances.

Meanwhile, you can also start working on trying to get the tan off the rest of your face. You can do this by applying fresh buttermilk to your tanned areas. Use a cotton ball to scrub out your face. This will help to remove the tan very effectively. The best part about using this method is that it is so completely harmless that it can be used as frequently as you like. Alternatively, you can also scrub your face out with freshly pulped tomatoes. This will also help to remove the tan very well and effectively.

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