Sun tan cures in toddlers

Sun tanned body is not much to worry about but a proper care at proper time would help regain the color and vitality and avoid further skin diseases and complications.

Cucumber and tomato juice is the best natural remedy for the sun tanned body. It should be applied to all the affected body organs which are burnt out in strong sunlight. Lemon and aloe vera milk creams too can be used. Aloe vera can be directly cut from the plant and aloe vera juice can be applied to the affected parts. This remedy should be repeated for a few days and it the sun burns vanish and at the same time provide the desired softness and tenderness to the skin.

Taking bath with black tea and rinsing with gram flour at the time of taking bath can help one restore color after sun tan. Keeping the body away from sunlight in cool place and covering the body fully when moving out in hot sun would help the skin to regain normal color after a sun burn. If sun burns are dark and patchy then applying cream on the burnt area would help the dead skin to be removed from the body providing space for the newer skin to grow from within.

Several other natural treatments and cures are available for sun burns. Application of buttermilk and neem pack on the burnt areas would help softening the sun burnt skin and regain tenderness of the skin lost due to intense burns. Rinsing the sun burnt skin after a bath with towel would help to get rid of the superfluous sun burnt skin and new fresh skin would grow as normal as that of the body.

Bathing with soft soap and aloe vera gel would also help greatly in removing the sun burns over the affected portions of the body. Though several medications and cosmetics would surely attract individuals for the treatment, natural remedies for sun burns are far better and guarantee a sure cure without any further side effects.

Drinking lots of water daily is a natural treatment for inflammation and it should be made a habit. Distilled water consumption should be avoided.

Doing little exercises as a part of natural cure for inflammation would relieve muscle aches and would be a good practice to be adapted. Putting the legs in warm water and doing massage thereafter may provide little relaxation to the stiff muscles. RICE Therapy (R- Rest, I - applying ice, C- Compressing the muscles and E- Elevating the muscles ) may provide the required physical exercise to the affected leg area. Applying ice helps in reducing the swelling while compression and elevation help in providing the proper stretching and relaxation to the stiff muscles.

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