Cure Skin Tan With Natural Remedies: I have recently tanned my arms legs and face...I had to play in the hot sun for competition?Plz help me to get rid of this dark skin.

Make fine slices from a raw potato and place these on your arms and legs. These are effective in getting rid of the tan and rectifying your skin tone. A spread of lime juice and turmeric powder also acts as a satisfying bleach. If the tan patches on the face and arms are too prominent, use yoghurt and blend it with dry orange peels. Apply this potion on the affected areas and wash away with cold water after 30 minutes.

When applying a cold compress on the skin, do not use ice or freezing water as this can traumatize the already bothered skin. Take a clean towel and soak it in cool water for a while, apply this on the face. As for the limbs, indulge in a cool bath to soothe the tanned arms and legs. Even the juice of raw potatoes mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice as a brilliant anti-tanning agent. This mix provides instant relief from the effects of sun burn. Blend the skin of a cucumber with a tablespoon of chilled milk. This mixture when rubbed well in the affected areas will bring about effective results. This blend must be applied three times a day for a week. You will notice the pleasing consequences shortly after the week is through

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