Redness and Peeling Skin Treatment

I have redness and my skin peels from my chin in the sides of my nose and on my eyebrows. What do I do so that I don't have this problem anymore? I want to know what is causing this and is it something I have to worry about.

The condition you are describing is very difficult to diagnose over such a forum. You will need to visit a doctor, as it will be necessary to physically examine the skin in order to determine what the condition is and what is causing it. Redness and peeling skin could be caused by a variety of conditions, from excessively dry skin, which can of course be quite easily treated on your own, to persistent and hard to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, or even a severe fungal infection. You may also be experiencing an allergic reaction to some product that you use. You have not mentioned whether the affected area feels any different - whether there is any itching or burning sensation here - this is something that needs to be considered, and will help in diagnosis.

One thing you should certainly do is avoid washing your face too frequently, and especially limit your use of soap. It is possible that your skin has simply become extremely dry due to excessively frequent washing and/or harsh soap. Wash your face only three or four times a day, and avoid using soap as far as possible. Whenever you use soap, ensure that it is as mild as possible, and is in fact a glycerin soap or a moisturizing soap. Once a day, after you wash your face, you can apply a simple, unscented moisturizer. If you like, you can apply petroleum jelly, as it is usually completely harmless and unlikely to irritate the skin. Most moisturizing lotions and creams contain scents and other substances that your skin may be sensitive to.

Your facial skin may simply have been irritated by something you used recently, and what you are seeing now may only be the healing process. For this reason, you should avoid trying to really "treat" your skin. If you leave it alone and just ensure basic skin care, the redness and peeling may stop in a few days. You should also try to notice whether the rash you have described tends to become worse when you use any particular products. If this is the case, then your skin may be too sensitive for certain substances in these products, or you may actually be allergic to these substances.

Try to get some sunlight on your face for a few minutes at a time, several times a day. If what you have is psoriasis, this may help to some extent.

answered by M W

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