Best Home remedies for Obesity - What are some good exercises to tighten up excessive belly skin?

Obesity is a cause of much concern and embarrassment not just because it makes one look unsightly, clumsy and affects social interactions but also because of its adverse effects on the health. Obesity has been linked directly or indirectly to several medical conditions affecting the human population today. While obesity is usually caused do to an indiscriminate consumption of foods especially fried, fatty, greasy and processed foods, it can also be due to a hormonal disorder. Women often struggle with weight problems during menopause. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle has also contributed to the increase of obesity.

In order to combat excess fat in the body it is important to monitor one's diet closely, sticking to healthy foods and avoiding all fried and fatty foods, processed foods, junk-food and desserts loaded with sugar and cream. Carbohydrates lead to build-up of weight and slow down the metabolism so you should avoid potatoes and rice, replacing them with wheat, barley and maize. It is recommended to consume at least one bitter vegetable a day since they help to increase the rate of metabolism in the body, preventing accumulation of fat in any part of the body. You should also monitor the intake of salt since it leads to water retention and problems of bloating around the stomach. If possible, go on a salt-free diet for a week after due consultation with your physician. Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into it. This helps to burn the fats accumulated in the body and over a period of time leads to weight loss. You can add some honey to the water to mobilize fats in the body, increase metabolism, improve the taste and also to counter the damaging effects that pure lemon has on the enamel coating of the teeth. Mint helps to cut down the fats accumulated in the body and so you can start your day with a cup of mint tea. You can also consume a sauce prepared with mint leaves and lemon with your meals. It is also essential to have a strict exercise routine which helps to burn the calories and stay in shape. However remember that excessive cardio exercise and strength training exercises are not always helpful. Instead you should concentrate low intensity exercises that are gradually built up to a higher intensity so that the fats in the body are burnt more effectively and with longer lasting results.

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