You have suggested the leaves of jujube or Indian plum for obesity. But please tell me where I can get Plum Leaves?

Since you have not mentioned your location, it is impossible to provide any information on where to obtain Indian plum leaves. Even knowing your location, it is unlikely that we would be able to provide this information. You will need to ask around at local stores. If this does not produce any results, you can try shopping online. You will certainly be able to find Indian plum leaves at an online store. Note however that Indian plum and jujube are two different plants and fruits. Jujube is also known as red date or Chinese date.

More importantly, these leaves are not essential for losing weight. There are many home remedies and herbs that can help one lose weight, but it is not necessary to use every single one of them. If you can't find a particular one, you can use a substitute. There is however no substitute for exercise and diet control, two of the most important factors in a weight loss plan. A daily workout is a must. If you are excessively overweight, you should begin with light exercise such as walking. If you like, you can gradually move to more strenuous exercises. Meanwhile, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid high fat foods, avoid oil when possible, and when oil is necessary, try to use the healthiest oil available.

answered by G M

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