How can i reduce the foul smelling odor?

With all forms of excretion, whether they are stools or urine or sweat or tears or even semen, there is a single basic rule that comes into force at all times. What you eat is what you smell of. So basically, you need to examine what goes in, if you want to have any control over what comes out. The other thing is that a clean system will rarely emit horrible fowl smelling stools. If you have good digestion and your body is in proper working condition, you will find that you do not have this problem. Once again, you would need to examine this factor closely. In fact, if you really want to be very sure, it is better you get yourself medically examined. This will tell you if you have any problems of any kind. Sometimes, a digestive tract that is filled with undigested matter that simply sticks to your intestines and refuses to get flushed out can also lend a fowl odor to your stools. But this can only be revealed via an internal examination. And an internal examination of any kind can only be conducted by a doctor.

In any case, you can take a closer look at what you are eating too. Here are some general rules. If you are a regular meat eater, remember your stools will have very strong and fowl odors anyway. If you eat beef and pork, even your body odor is likely to smell of the animals that meat comes from. You are better off staying off this kind of meat for some time and seeing if this makes a difference to the smell of your stools. Even if you eat chicken, eggs and fish, you will see that your body odor is quite fowl to some extent. Your stools, which actually go through a processing procedure in your stomach and intestines, interacting with other kinds of food and chemicals in a warm and wet environment will smell far worse when they are actually emitted from your body. You can eat more of fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits as well. Try to skip eating rare meat, which is the worst kind of odor causer you can imagine. Drink lots of water. This will also help with neutralizing bad body as well as fowl stool odors to a large extent. Eat fresh and citrus fruits, which are particularly well known to give good body odor.

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