My girlfriend is throwing up. We don't know if it is because she has acid reflux or if it's because she is pregnant. Can you all send some home remedies for both please?

The only way to determine if a lady is pregnant is by doing a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test is easily, cheaply and commonly available in all pharmacies. You must buy one as soon as possible and take the test so that you know whether or not your girlfriend is pregnant. Keep in mind that the more you delay, the fewer and more limited your options get. If you do not want to go through with the pregnancy, you must also consult with a gynecologist who will guide you properly as to what you should be doing. Please do not try anything at home by yourself. Keep in mind that this could not only be potentially dangerous, you may also be risking her life in the process.

In case of acid reflux, there are a number of remedies that can be employed which can take care of the problem. To begin with, you must quit eating fried and spicy food altogether. This will help to fight the problem of acid reflux by cutting it down to almost half. These are the kinds of food that actually cause extra acidity in the body and will always make your situation worse than it already is. You should see to it that you drink a lot of water. This will help to reduce the acid by neutralizing it to a large degree. Drink as much cool water as you can. The coolness will also provide relief from the burning that is typically ac companied with excessive acidity. You should also increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to a large degree. This will make your system rest and make you feel better. Fresh fruits and vegetables are easier to digest and therefore less taxing to your digestive system as well. Try to stick to food that is generally easy to digest, as this is what your body needs right now. You should also try and cut back on all caffeine and caffeine related products, as these will always contribute to excessive acidity in your body. Aerated drinks are also a large contributor of the same kind of thing. If you smoke, try your best to stop, as this is also a major contributing factor is the problem of acid reflux. Add more of fresh yogurt to your diet. This will automatically take care of acidity, because it is the nature of yogurt to do so quite easily.

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