My friend has had her gall bladder removed. Of late she is suffering from acid reflux. Kindly let me know some home remedies for acid reflux?

Our body uses hydrochloric acid to digest the food that we eat. Sometimes this acid backs up and comes back up the throat. This acid irritates the tissues of your throat and causes you to experience a burning sensation. This can leave you feeling weak and with your throat burning.

You can try drinking Aloe Vera juice since this does help soothe the throat and reduce the dangers of another acid reflux. You can also chew on papaya tablets since they help in reducing heartburn. Often drinking a glass of water can help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. You can also add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink this to reduce the acid reflux. Eating a banana is generally effective in preventing another attack of acid reflux. Eating a stick of celery is another easy and effective remedy for acid reflux. You should make sure that you eat a piece of celery before your meal and another piece after your food.

Some of the most common reasons for people to suffer from acid reflux are stress, eating large meals, eating heavy greasy and spicy food. If your friend eats food of this sort then she should immediately stop. Instead she should eat healthy foods that use a very small amount of oil and spices. Smoking can also cause this s o she should stop smoking if she is addicted to this habit. Drinking alcohol can also aggravate the system and cause acid reflux so your friend should be careful about her alcohol consumption. Eating a ginger root capsule every day can help control this problem. Other wise your friend can drink ginger tea every day. She can make this by adding grated ginger to a cup of boiling water. Once this has been strained she can add either sugar or honey and drink it. You can also make an herbal tea using aniseed and lavender. You will require equal amounts of aniseed and lavender. Pour a cup of boiling water over these and let this stand for five minutes before you strain it. Adding honey is optional. You can also make it a regular practice to boil your drinking water with a small amount of cumin in it. This will help prevent acid reflux.

In addition to these remedies your friend should learn to follow some simple precautions. She should not eat large meals. Instead she should eat more number of smaller meals. These meals should contain healthy food and not anything that is fired, spicy or sweet.

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