What foods and beverages should I avoid with gastritis?

If you are suffering from gastritis, you can take many precautions in terms of food and beverages. But make sure you follow them all for at least a few weeks if you want to get rid of the problem in a permanent basis. To begin with, you should check your diet and remove all spicy food from it. This is the first and absolutely essential step in dealing with the troublesome problem of gastritis. Keep in mind that spicy food will aggravate your condition even more and lead to all kinds of complications as well. The second culprit is food that is high in acid content. This could include all citrus fruits, processed foods as well as those that have been preserved using chemicals of one kind or another. It is important that you not consume excessively processed fruits and vegetables well, sticking to fresh and raw as much as possible. This will help out with your condition greatly. Concentrate more on eating fruits that are sweet and pulpy, as opposed to sharp and juicy, as these will tend to help with soothing your irritated digestive tracts. The next thing to avoid completely is oily food. Excessive oiliness will also lead to too much of aggravation of an otherwise smoothly running system. If possible, try to cook your food without any oil. This would be ideal for a person suffering from gastritis.

You should also completely avoid all aerated beverages. Carbonation present in these drinks will cause more damage to your system. It is also better that you stay away from drinks such as tea and coffee. These are caffeine rich and will also serve to aggravate your irritation. In general, it is better to avoid all caffeine rich products. So if you are a smoker, you would do well to quit for some time. This will help to fight your condition better as well. You should drink plenty of cool or cold water, as this will make you feel better. If you are also suffering from nausea, this will help you a lot as well. You can also make buttermilk with a tablespoon of fresh yogurt whipped into a glass of water. This will help to soothe your system and slowly bring it back to normal as well. You can have as much of this as you like, since it has absolutely lesser side effects and will also not cause any further harm to you.

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