Is it possible gastritis in kids of 4 years old?

Yes, gastritis is possible in kids of 4 years old.

Gastritis is a disease linked to the upper gastro-intestinal abnormalities. The most common health disorder pertaining to gastritis is esophagitis or duodenitis. It also results in duodenal and stomach ulcers. Occasionally, accumulation of bile in the stomach can also result in alkaline gastritis. The infection is mainly caused by H. pylori.

Gastritis is mainly found in adults but is also possible in kids. In children, the disease is characterized by an external inflammatory reaction occurring between the mucosa and submucosa of the stomach antrum. In severe cases, the entire stomach including the fundus is also involved.

Gastritis in children is usually idiopathic, supported and stimulated by acid-pepsin, stress and genetics. Although H. pylori infection is a major culprit for gastritis and duodenal ulcers, it plays a very small role in children. The infection is mainly caught by those children who have undergone endoscopy. Researches and studies have indicated that only 5% of the children belonging to the middle and supper class families are affected by the infection and 20% of the children belonging to lower class families.

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