Occasionally my son starts to cough out of the blue and it sounds like an arching seal and is not able to breathe in. It sometimes occurs during sleep as well. What may be the reason?

The symptom you have described here sounds alarming. It is essential that you consult a doctor at once without any further delay. This is particularly important because with a problem like the one you have described, you would need to take remedial action and very rapidly. Since you have not mentioned your son's age or anything else about him, offering a diagnosis at this juncture would be a waste of time. You would have to determine reasons as to why this particular problem is afflicting your son. Reasons are extremely important in the cure of your son. Because in order to get rid of the problem, it is essential that it be tackled at the roots. Coughing in any unusual fashion and exhaling without being able to breathe in does not sound like a regular cough and cold situation. There could also be any number of causes for it. Chances are that he could be suffering from allergies of some sort. It is also possible that he is suffering from allergic asthma which manifests due to some particular cause. The only way to determine or diagnose this would be to get him medically examined. This cannot be stated emphatically enough.

You can only take measures to provide him relief and comfort at home. But this can only be done alongside a proper course of treatment. Remember that medical treatment is absolutely essential in gathering a proper cure for your son. The first thing to do is check and sees if there are any common allergens surrounding your son. Is there too much of dust or dirt around where he is sleeping? Have you noticed that after you clean the room, this does not happen for several days? If so, your answer lies right there. It could also be that your son is allergic to some sort of fragrance. Check to see if this is the case. You can help him to get relief by taking some steps when he starts to cough. The first and immediate thing to do is to make him sit up. If this does not help, make him walk about. This should help to alleviate his coughing to some extent. Once it has subsided somewhat, provide him with a glass of warm water to which a single drop of eucalyptus oil has been added. If this is a cold of some sort, this measure should take care of it completely over a period of time.

answered by G M

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