My son is 3 and a half months and has cold, he's in good spirits. Are there any home remedies to get rid of a cough. Is milk making it worse?

If your 3 year old child is suffering from cough then first avoid giving him milk because milk can make the condition worse. Milk reacts differently on different people. In real words, milk or any other dairy products are responsible for making phlegm and mucus thicker and herder. Once these become thick and hard, it becomes very difficult for your child to cough up. Therefore, stop feeding your child with milk now.

Here I have some more home remedies that can help your child relieve from cough:

  • Colts foot herb is the best herb for treating cough in children. This herb will help in removing excess of mucus and alleviate congestion. You can feed your child with a herbal tea prepared using colts foot. This is a proven decongestant and help sin soothing throat and respiratory passage.
  • Licorice herb also works to treat cough in small children. You can either feed your child with an herbal tea or blend licorice with colts foot.
  • You can also feed your child with preparations made from marshmallow herb. This helps in soothing and alleviating respiratory tract and the throat.
  • Tea prepared using mullein herb is also beneficial for treating cough in children. Throat and lungs are completely relived through the medicinal properties of this herb.
  • If your child has excessive amount of mucus in the lungs, you can feed him with an herbal tea prepared using sage and the thyme.

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